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When it comes to the tech of FinTech there’s a lot to factor in. You absolutely need to keep these in mind.


Understanding and systemizing legal and financial regulations

Data Security

Implementing and keeping up with data security


Dealing with payment gateways and other financial institutions


Building a viable digital solution without breaking the bank

You Deserve a Tech Ally

As your #TechAlly, we provide the expertise you need to execute informed business strategy and digital solution decisions; making 2022 YOUR FinTech year.

We stake our reputation on honesty, transparency, and doing the right thing. You can always expect us to be radically candid.

As such , you can always expect the following from us:

Our Know How

Use our collective knowledge to enhance your business idea.

Tweak it to make sure you achieve the greatest ROI.

Power To Choose

Know exactly whether to DIY, or invest in a customized solution. All before you even think of hiring a dev team.

The Perfect MLP

Your idea deserve an MVP MLP - Minimum Lovable Product. The fastest, and leanest way to get your customers a digital product they absolutely love.

The Perfect Team

Save time, money, and resources by executing on the MLP. We'd  love to build it for you. 

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We believe in providing tremendous value whether we get your business or not. Talk to us  and we promise you will walk away with a clear technical plan of action. 

Good technical advise should be accessible to everyone. By the time we are done talking we are confident you'll know whether to DIY, buy an  off-the-self solution, or hire a dev team.

What have you got to lose? It's only 45mns!    

We Offer

Systems That We Build Always Have These

We take great care, and pride in stuff we build. We treat each project as if it were our own, and that's our unwavering to  you. Expect the following from anything we touch:

  • Built for the clouds & built to scale
  • Bank grade security 
  • Astounding UI/UX
  • Lightning fast performance
  • Prices that won't break the  bank
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The Tech Ally Promise

Here's what it means to have a TechAlly

What Customers Are Saying

It means the world to us to be held in such regard

"Their free advice helped us generate 2.5 million in sales"
~ A Beloved Customer