Why Us

Application Development

Engineering software is in our DNA, and we are suckers for elegant architecture. We build softwares that scale, and we build them last.

Social Marketing

Your brand is your identity. Our marketing gurus love strategizing and making plan to get your message out, and generate the most leads.  

Startup Advisory

Whether you are in FinTech, Healthcare, general tech startups, we have helped many companies go from idea to MLP (Minimum Lovable Product)

This Is Our Why

Our Why - App Dev

We believe everyone deserves a technological ally, not just a software development team. We truly think that great technological advice should be accessible. Engineering software is what we know, and are very good at. In a sense, it is part of who we are. So, we use that knowledge to advise. We love helping so much that these advices come with no strings attached, no obligations.

We do custom software development. We have over a decade of experience delivering web, mobile, and enterprise scale solutions. From small applications serving hundreds, to distributed systems serving millions and processing billions of dollars, we've been keeping busy. We promise to treat your next project as if it were our own; we will always look out for your best interest.

Our Why - Marketing

As founders, and business owners there are always a million things going on. Nothing is more important than getting your product to your customers, and generate leads. It's also true that nothing is harder. We know  because we have been there. 

We believe that great marketing advice, strategy, and execution should not break the bank. We've helped businesses launch and manage their social media content marketing. We've made mistakes, and we learned a ton. We want to extend that collective knowledge to you, and put it at your disposal. 

Unlike us, and the others we've helped,  you will not be starting from scratch

Our Story

  • 2015


    Synchronized was founded to launch various in-house products.

  • 2017

    Service To Others

    After many failed ventures, and a lot of learning, SyncTech decided to offer its services to other startups and businesses.

  • 2018

    Welcome FinTech

    SyncTech restructured to focus its development effort mainly on FinTech.

  • 2020

    In The Marketing Game

    SyncTech started offer end-to-end marketing solution, while specializing in social media content marketing. 

With Over 30 Years of Combined Experience

We are a bunch of friendly, and very social geeks. Yes! We know, we are a rare breed 🙂

  • FinTech Application Dev
  • Social Media Management
  • Enterprise Scale Dev
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Mobile App Dev
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Web Design
  • Software Architecture 
Our Team

Dedicated Team

Darie Dorlus

Founder + Head Of Tech

Nerissa Dorlus

Head Of HR

Zach Greathouse

Head Of Marketing + Strategy