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Driving Social Media Growth


We help businesses build their brand, and connect with customers
by amplifying their story on social media.

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Impactful Social Media Strategy

Establishing an impactful and targeted presence on social media is no small feat. You've got to factor in:

  • Effective use of various social media platforms
  • Utilizing platforms that fit your goals
  • Creating a consistent posting plan and content strategy
  • Developing unique content of various media that best speaks to your audience
  • Building awareness and followership organically with engagement
  • Implementing digital ads that reach the right audience with effective call-to-action
  • Tracking results and taking data-driven action to maintain consistent growth

We Make Your Life Easier

Expert social media management and content creation takes knowledge of the platforms, and consistent planning and review. While this is important to your business, you don't have the hours to dedicate to this, we do.

Market Research

We evaluate dozens of social accounts in your industry to understand how to position you differently 

Social Media Management

We manage your social media accounts to post content, engage with your audience, and grow your following

Content Marketing

We understand the needs for your business are unique, so we create a content strategy that fits your goals

Content Creation

Through our research and your industry expertise, we'll create professional content and post with your approval

Ads Management

From ad campaigns to small-scale ad promotions, we'll create and manage your ads to  increase your exposure and help generate leads

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Our Content Creation Process

Simply put, these are the stages of our content creation mechanism




Creation + Approval


Live Post


Engagement + Analysis

Ready To Get Started?

Here's a preview of the initial stages of the process

1. Kick-off Consultation and Goal Setting

Your business goals are unique, and so is your social media strategy. Meet with your Synchronized Technologies team members who will work with you to elevate your social media marketing, discuss your goals, determine target audience, and so on, so we can implement the strongest plan for success.


2. Research and Plan Development

We take your needs and build an impactful social media strategy, for the planned duration of the project. We’ll research your industry, competition, and develop a plan that aligns with your goals and makes you stand out


Get a Free Marketing Strategy Consultation ($1,000 Value)

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Straight Forward Pricing

No catch, no hidden fees, no BS!
Cancel anytime.

Starter Plan

  • 1 hr consultation call per week
  • 3 curated posts per week
  • 2 social platforms
  • 1 hr of social engagement per week
  • Bi-weekly analysis report
  • Dedicated social media manager
  • Email support
$499.99 Per month

Advanced Plan

  • 1 hr consultation call per week
  • 5 curated posts per week
  • 1 video post bi-weekly
  • 2 social platforms
  • 2 hrs of engagement per week
  • All post added to story
  • Bi-weekly analysis report
  • Dedicated social media manager
  • Email and call support
$699.99 Per month

Premium Plan

  • 1 hr consultation call per week
  • 7 curated posts per week
  • 1 video post per week
  • 3 social platforms
  • 3 hrs of engagement per week
  • Small-scale ad campaign support
  • Competitive research and strategy
  • Bi-weekly analysis report
  • Dedicated social media manager
  • Email, call, and strategy session support
$999.99 Per month

Or Lets Make A Deal

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